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1932 Sanmatsu Industry was founded by Mr. Matsumoto Tsurujyu.
Started fabrication of chemical equipment.
1948 KOTOBUKI Iron Works, Ltd. and its factory was established in Kawasaki.
1961 Established Yokkaichi factory.(Mie pref near Nagoya)
Opened Saga branch office.(Saga pref in Kyushu near Fukuoka)
1963 Started fabrication of Titanium equipment.
1965 Started delivery of stainless steel fermentation tanks to winery and distillery.
1969 Mr. Matsumoto Minoru took office as president.
1973 Started delivery of sanitary equipment to food and pharmaceutical companies.
1974 Damaged Yokkaichi factory by Utsube river flood, shortly restored and started fabrication.
1978 Delivered large sized fermentation tanks to beer brewery.
1981 Completed Kawasaki head office building.
Relocated Kawasaki factory to Chiba pref Sodegaura city.
1986 Lauched Double Canted Decanter Type MTC.
1990 Changed registered trade name to KOTOBUKI TECHREX, Ltd.
1992 Delivered Ti-clad lined bridge piers for Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.
Delivered Ti frame for JAMSTEC deep sea probe.
1995 Launched microbrewery equipment at the revision of liquor tax law.
1998 Delivered fermentation tanks, etc collaboration with Korean fabricator.
2003 Invited trainees from Chongqing Light Industry Machinery Factory, China.
2004 Established Shanghai KOTOBUKI TECHREX, Ltd. (100% KOTOBUKI Japan invested)
2006 Invited trainees from Shanghai KOTOBUKI TECHREX, Ltd.
2007 Mr. Matsumoto Noriyuki took office as president.
2008 Started recruitment of engineers from Myanmmar.
2009 Established Chiba head factory, combined Kawasaki head office and Chiba factory.
Invited trainees from Myanmmar.
2010 Established KOTOBUKI TECHREX (Thailand) Ltd. in Ayutthaya city. (100% KOTOBUKI Japan invested)
2011 Damaged Ayutthaya factory by flood, continued fabrication at temporary factory.
2012 Restored Ayutthaya factory and started fabrication.
Established Jiangsu KOTOBUKI TECHREX, Ltd. in Haimen city. (100% KOTOBUKI Japan invested)
2014 Started fabrication at Jiangsu KOTOBUKI TECHREX, Ltd.

rubber lining tank car

heat exchanger

concrete mixer

head production (segment method)

beer storage tank

beer fermentation and storage tank


beer fermentation tank in Korea


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